Why Microneedling Is Magic For A Makeup Free Lifestyle

Why Microneedling Is Magic For A Makeup Free Lifestyle

A Natural Skin Treatment

Microneedling magic

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is all the buzz right now but for ALL the right reasons. But before we dive into them, let's start a little further back. When I was five…jokes.

I have a motto that I live by: PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. Some people call it a silver lining, others call it looking on the bright side. For me, it is almost a practice of mindfulness. It’s not ignoring the tough stuff, but remembering (albeit sometimes begrudgingly) that there is probably a very valuable lesson in this hardship somewhere. I became a pro at this during the pandemic. 

 One of the biggest positives that I’ve  seen come from this pandemic is that so many clients have broken the chains of living a life with make-up! 



More and more of my clients are embracing a makeup free life these days.   Sure there’s the odd mascara application here and there for a zoom meeting or maybe a little bit of concealer to cover up a pesky breakout  that popped up because of the half tub (let's be honest, the full tub) of ice cream we ate the night before, but for the most part, they’ve stopped slathering on layers of makeup . And what they’ve found is a new relationship with their true skin. 

With no makeup, and ALL of the time in the world people started doing research on their skin, figuring out how it functions and getting to the root issues of their concerns. People were falling in love with niacinamide and squalene. They were feeling the freedom of going makeup-free and now that we are hopefully, maybe, kind of, on the upswing of this pandemic they want to bring it forward into their post pandemic world. And this means clients are paying much more attention to what their skin is actually doing and wanting to make changes that  support healthy and happy skin without  wearing makeup.



But how do we do this? First things first, we want to make sure that we are protecting the epidermis, while still getting maximum results of cell turnover, lightening of pigment, attacking fine lines all the while stimulating support proteins (collagen) in the skin.

Microneedling is the sure fire way to do this. 

Collagen induction therapy (CIT) is beneficial for almost all skin types and concerns, bar active inflamed acne. CIT helps to stimulate our own natural collagen and also helps to promote the regeneration of skin cells through our bodies natural healing process. Key word here being natural! We are just helping our skin systems do what they do best!



CIT can help with aging, scarring, hyper pigmentation, acne, dehydration and even hair loss. That's right….we can even stimulate those pesky little follicles on your head that have decided to stop or slow your natural hair growth. 

Microneedling creates tiny little perforations in the epidermis to create a response in the skin as if the skin has experienced trauma. We call it controlled micro trauma. Our bodies experience this “micro trauma” and sends signals to our fibroblasts (cells that produce the collagen protein) to go into overdrive producing loads of collagen for firming the skin, breaking down scar tissue, helping to rebuild damaged tissue, breaking down pigment patches all the while brightening, hydrating and supporting healthy, functioning, happy skin. Our skin is truly an amazing organ!

 A study completed in 2008 showed that skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin in the skin six months after completing the treatment program. And if you get your treatments at a clinic that uses highly active stem cells and cytokines during your treatment, skin rejuvenation will be ramped up even more.



Three treatments is a great starting place and can sometimes be sufficient for the results you are looking for, but if your concern is something that is deeper (like scarring) or something that has been around for a while (like pigmentation) more treatments will be necessary to address these concerns.

“Alright Katie, this all sounds great and exactly what my skin needs, but needles, proliferations…MICRO TRAUMA?!?”

I know it sounds scary, but I am here to assuage your worries and woes!

Microneedling treatments usually start with the application of a numbing cream. This allows us to perform the treatment near painlessly  while not damaging the skin. The needling itself lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes, so if people can sit through an episode of Two Broke Girls, you can do anything!!! The treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart and are great to start in fall and winter, as you will want to be sun safe immediately following this treatment.



“Wow, this treatment really sounds like everything it's cracked up to be. But there has got to be risks involved…nothing this great comes without a catch”

I am so glad you asked! If you are getting your treatment done at a reputable clinic then the risks involved with this treatment are relatively low. Following treatment the skin may feel a bit sunburnt, or experience a little redness and be mildly irritated, but this irritation should be minimized within 24 hours following treatment. 

A few days following your treatment you may see some flaking on the skin as our body sheds what is no longer serving it, but this is usually minimal. If you are getting a deeper treatment you may notice a small amount of bruising on the skin post treatment, but if you are getting treatment at a reputable place this is rare. Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but GO TO A REPUTABLE CLINIC!!



To see best results your technician may recommend at home rolling (CIT) between treatments. Do NOT buy a home roller off of any old brand on the internet. . Those needles may not be medical grade and can cause more damage to the skin than benefit.

Get even more from your microneedling experience by pairing it with LED light therapy to supercharge your cells' regeneration and healing process!



To find out more about collagen induction therapy, aka microneedling, and to see if you are a good candidate (hint: you are) for this treatment book in for a consultation and we can get your skin healed - make up free and naturally!  You’ll be amazed how happy and confident  you can be entering a room skin first and having all your aunts and second cousins asking what you’ve been doing to look so fresh!


Article Written by:
Katie Erb - Holistic Skin Therapist & Aesthetician

Katie is a skincare superstar who adores getting to know her clients as much as their skin conditions. A talented aesthetician, holistic skin therapist andpassionate creative, Katie loves working closely with her clients to enthusiastically celebrate every step of their journey. She utilizes a variety of tools in her customized treatment plans, including Dermaviduals products, massage, high frequency and LED.

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