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Your Health Minute Podcast

Your Health Minute podcast

"A Holistic Approach To Acne" with special guest Dr. Brennan Dedecker ND. Learn the basics of acne, explore conventional treatments' limitations, and discover holistic strategies for clearer skin.


Toronto Star Reader's Choice awards

Because of patient nominations, we won some of the Toronto Star Readers' Choice Awards.

We won the following Toronto Star Readers' Choice Awards for 2021 (which is pretty remarkable for a new clinic, especially during a pandemic):

1) Best Facial Services - Gold
2) Spa & Aesthetics Services - Gold
3) Naturopathic Clinic - Platinum
4) Medical/Health Services - Gold
5) Best New Business - Platinum

Your support means so much to us. We do what we do because of and for you and we wouldn't be here without you!


The After 30 Podcast

Coined from CBC's Working Moms, we’re talking about the skin of the vulvar region in The After 30 Podcast episode 103 – Caring For Your Holy Hole.

We chat about how we don’t see the vaginal area as skin in the first place, get into talking about the skin itself, the misconceptions around it, what happens to vaginal skin as we get older, and what we can do to take care of this often not spoken about zone.


The Superwoman Code podcast

Want to learn more about how your hormones impact your skin?

This episode of The Superwoman Code is FILLED with how to test your hormones to understand your skin, why skin mapping isn’t really a thing, how to support your skin when it needs it the most and more.


Women's Health Unplugged podcast

Should you put baking soda on your skin? What about coconut oil?

If you’ve struggled with adult acne, this episode of Women’s Health Unplugged is for you. Dr. Newell breaks down the common myths about diet, DIY skincare, and how to actually take care of your skin. She discusses the most common foods that trigger acne, how to think about your total-health’s impact on your skin and what NOT to do if you’re working on better skin.

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Perimenopausal mamas podcast

Dr. Lisa talks to Dr. Jen Newell, Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Connected Health and Skin. They discuss: how hormones affect our skin; why we get wrinkles, age spots and acne; the best ways to prevent premature aging; which foods, drinks, and supplements are good for your skin and which ones may harm it; and how to properly cleanse and moisturize.


Healthy Hormones for women podcast

Are you excited to have fun under the sun this summer? Naturopathic doctor and clear skin expert Dr. Jen Newell shares some really great insights and advice about taking care of our skin, what brands to choose and what to look for in a sunblock. It’s a really great conversation to have as we head into the summer months but also to have beautiful, clear, glowing skin all year round.


Pawsh Magazine Article

Dr. Newell discusses cruelty-free beauty and how it fits into a healthy skincare routine with Pawsh Magazine.


Now Readers' Choice Awards 2018

Dr. Jen Newell, received the Best Doctor award in the NOW Toronto Reader’s Choice Best of Toronto 2018.


Here's why more people are turning to therapy to treat their chronic acne article

Dr. Newell discusses chronic acne and treatment options with YAHOO! Style.

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