Welcome To Connected! Toronto’s Premiere Holistic Skincare Clinic


Holistic Skincare Clinic

Dr. Jen Newell

I can’t believe the day is finally here. Welcome to my brand new holistic skincare and health clinic located in downtown Toronto; welcome to CONNECTED Health & Skin.

This launch is something I’ve been planning for many, many months, pouring my heart into every single detail. But you know what they say about the best laid plans…? Little did I know that my dream space would be opening in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. Nevertheless here we are and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my story, CONNECTED’s mission and my future plans with you today.


CONNECTED is a full service Toronto holistic skincare and health centre offering a curated range of natural aesthetic and healthcare services. Our team will provide inspired, innovative and evidence-based therapies, custom tailored for you.

After spending over a decade in the skincare world, I saw a significant gap in what was being offered. That gap revolved around health and beauty rarely being associated with one another – their connection is commonly overlooked. Additionally, in general, anything to do with beauty is marketed by preying on women’s insecurities, rather than offering support.


Here at CONNECTED I’m committed to not just masking skin issues, but truly taking the time to understand them, to correct the underlying causes and to promote long-lasting improvements. And my pledge to you is that we accomplish all these things while also building confidence and community connection. My mantra here at CONNECTED is, “Beauty isn’t a booty call; it’s a long term love affair.” I’m here to help you to start crushing on your own skin!


I had always imagined celebrating CONNECTED’s launch with champagne and an intimate in-person soiree. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19’s presence in our city this isn’t possible.

I’ve been working tirelessly to create a beautiful, welcoming and warm space for my incredible and supportive patients since last fall. And while unveiling my masterpiece during a global pandemic and in a time of social-distancing is not ideal, I’m determined to make the most of it and to provide the best experience possible for you amid this ‘new normal.’


Firstly, I’m committed to offering exemplary disinfection, personal protection and safety standards to all of my patients without compromising the CONNECTED experience which has been weaved into everything the clinic offers.

Although you’ll be seeing me in full PPE and armed with extra bottles of hand sanitizer, I promise that the care you receive will not be compromised. I’m busy creating innovative ways that we can make your visit memorable and fun (stay tuned! More details on that coming soon!)


It’s serendipitous that I decided to name my clinic CONNECTED in a time when we’re currently social distancing. I have always believed that our need for community is a vital piece of our overall health and well-being – so much so that the idea of human communication holds CONNECTED together at its core.

During these uncertain times and beyond, it is my hope that CONNECTED will become more than just a health clinic; we hope to be a place where we can build a long-lasting community, host social programming and enrich our lives both via in person and online groups.

Until we can all get together in person, please consider following CONNECTED on Instagram, as we have some fun things in store there that will be dropping shortly.


So – many – plans! I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises just yet, but I’ll let you in on a few. From incredible treatments like you’ve never experienced before, to the latest science and research in the field, to gorgeous products designed uniquely for your unique skin, CONNECTED has all of your natural skincare and health needs covered.


While we suspect that our roll-out of unique, innovative and individualized treatments created to enhance the correction of your skin and health concerns will occur gradually, so as to responsibly navigate COVID-19 circumstances, and we’re opening with a smaller team than I had hoped, I remain excited! We have some truly innovative treatments lined up for you, which you can start to explore here.

And we’re offering Virtual Consultations too.

CONNECTED will be building a collaborative team of Naturopathic Doctors, aestheticians with an expertise in holistic skincare, counsellors and registered massage therapists. You’ll be fully supported here at CONNECTED from head to toe no matter what!


The wonderful, sustainable, cruelty-free NaturalDermStore will be opening their first store front location within CONNECTED, meaning we can bring you exclusive access to some of the most effective and gorgeous natural skincare and makeup products right away!

You can also shop conveniently through our website collaboration as well (a touch of luxurious skincare at home is always a sure way to boost a mood in my books!) I’m dedicated bringing you the very best in holistic skincare products always.

To that effect, I’ve decided to also bring in Dermaviduals Skincare, which is a fully customizable skincare line from Germany. What makes this line especially exciting is that it focuses on the health of the dermal barrier and the optimal functioning of the layers of the epidermis, including the corneocytes!

I may be getting a little too technical now for the purpose of this greeting, but that’s what CONNECTED is all about – combining science and innovation with luxury, customization and expertise for your unique skin journey. Beauty. Science. Living. This is what we stand for.


CONNECTED is here, fresh faced and ready to take our first steps in this COVID-19 world to help you build confidence through skin health and custom solutions.

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Thank you, welcome, let’s begin!


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