Recommended By Connected: Surf’s Up Guide – Surfing Tips For Health And Fun

Recommended By Connected:
Surf's Up Guide Surfing Tips

For Health And Fun

Connected Health & Skin: Surf's Up Guide

Dr. Jen Newell, loves surfing and over the years has learned all sorts of incredible surfing tips. Today she's sharing her personal must-have surfing products, places and skincare tips to help you make the most out of your next surfing experience.



Is there any better way to soak up the end of summer than taking to the waves for a bit of surf? Dr. Newell is a proud Nova Scotian at heart, even though her vibrant skincare clinic is located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

So whenever she has some downtime in her schedule and is able to getaway for a bit, she more often than not returns to the ocean to catch some waves.And today we're excited to share with you Dr. Newell's exclusive personal SURF'S UP GUIDE to get you started for a fun and sun-filled skin-safe surf vacation.



Whether you're a complete surfing beginner, an intermediate adventurer or an expert wave wrestler, this SURF'S UP GUIDE contains all sorts of incredible expert insights, information and tips to help your surfing experience be the best it can possibly be!

Pack for your next ocean visit with ease and confidence thanks to this comprehensive and informative surf guide. While we can't control the weather, we can advise for everything else!

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