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Led Treatment For Hair Loss

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LED for Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss that we at CONNECTED. Men with androgenetic alopecia experiencing a receding hairline or hair loss at the crown, whereas women have overall thinning, widening of the midline and greater hair loss at the temples.


Treatment of Hair Loss

Health Canada approved pharmaceuticals include topical minoxidil and oral finasteride labeled for use in men but also used for women.

LED light therapy is another effective treatment. Red LED at 660 nm stimulates hair growth and 620 nm stimulates the release of nitric oxide.

LED red light therapy is a non-invasive and effective addition to a comprehensive treatment plan. A meta analysis done in 2018 found the red light therapy was a superior treatment to hormone-regulating drugs like finasteride due to it’s efficacy and lack of adverse side effects.

Another meta analysis published in 2017 which looked at 11 studies and over 680 patients who were treated with red light therapy for hair growth. Researchers noted significant improvements in both hair count and hair density. Additionally, hair thickness and tensile strength were also improved in those treated with red and infrared LED light.

Red light therapy is a safe, effective and natural hair loss treatment that reliable for both male and female pattern baldness, as shown in numerous studies. Across studies, red light treatments have increased hair counts, boosted hair thickness and have helped people improve their appearance and confidence. If you’ve struggled with hair loss and unsuccessful treatments, consider going red light therapy a try.

At CONNECTED we like to pair LED therapy with scalp microneedling using the AnteAge Hair Growth Solution for best results. Book a complimentary discovery call today to learn more.


Struggling with thinning hair? CONNECTED has you covered! Interesting in booking and LED session at Connected?

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