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High Frequency

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High Frequency

Well folx,

We made it past spooky season, which means we have entered into one of my favourite seasons. Now, this season comes with unpopular opinion, but that has never stopped me from, routinely on November 1st, opening up spotify, and I start typing…M….A… and thats as far as I get before my cookies say…oh yes….its that time of year again and there, in all of its glory, glowing bright…our winter goddess…yes humans, you’ve got it right….ITS MARIAH CAREY SEASON!! *insert fan girl screams here*. But, it wouldn’t be fair if we left spooky season without ending it on an electric note so today I am going to tell you all about High Frequency and how this OG treatment can help your skin live its best life!

If you haven’t heard of high frequency, don’t fret, its a super old modality used before LED and laser treatments were developed. But, this super cool skin care tool seems to be making a come back as it is a down time free way to address bacteria helping clear skin, fight inflammation while also helping to stimulate blood circulation and cell renewal fighting fine lines and wrinkles and oxygenating the skin leaving it as bright and clear as a…skin that has just had a high frequency treatment.

So, now that i’ve piqued your interest, and you’re sat there thinking “wait…whats this treatment all about?” or maybe you’re thinking “this lady is crazy, Mariah Carey is a dumpster fire’ i’ll do flashy magic hands over here to distract you from my obsession with the 90’s and deliver you the goods about high frequency (HF)!


What is High Frequency?

High frequency (HF) is a treatment modality that uses a glass electrode filled with gas that, when attached to an electrode, send currents to help oxygenate the skin. Know what bacteria hates….oxygen! Oxygen kills the pimple-inducing stuff on contact, minimizes inflammation and redness and even reduces future breakouts. Say sayonara to those persistent cystic breakouts!

So we know HF works for acneic, blemished prone skin, but what about other skin types? Useless for us?

Nah. no way! This treatment modality helps all skin types. With different electrode options (argon or neon gas) we can stimulate different things in the skin. Argon (violet) gas is great for acne and blemished skin, while neon (orange) is great to stimulate blood flow which in turn boosts cell renewal that supports collagen and elastin production and support.

It can also help to boost the appearance of the eye area by diminishing puffiness and dark under eye circles. It can even help with thinning hair!


How does the gas get from the electrode to the skin?

Wow, its like you guys know whats coming up next!

An alternating electrical current makes contact with the skin and ignites an inert gas within the electrode to produce healing electrical light energy and purifying ozone. When mixed with the air outside of the electrode the electrical current infuses the skin with rejuvenating oxygen molecules. These enriched oxygen molecules that are produced which have both a thermal tissue warming and an anti-bacterial action which causes underlying blood vessels to contract and push away toxin. This leaves your skin cells enriched with nutrients and hydrated feeling instantly energized and noticeably softer.

Book in for a custom facial with one of our skin therapists to see what this magic wand can do for your skin.

Can’t wait to see you!



Article Written By:
Katie Erb - Holistic Skin Therapist & Aesthetician

Katie is a skincare superstar who adores getting to know her clients as much as their skin conditions. A talented aesthetician, holistic skin therapist andpassionate creative, Katie loves working closely with her clients to enthusiastically celebrate every step of their journey. She utilizes a variety of tools in her customized treatment plans, including Dermaviduals products, massage, high frequency and LED.

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