Treatment for Broken Capillaries: Lumecca IPL

Treatment for Broken Capillaries: Lumecca IPL

Lumecca IPL

Excessive redness of the complexion is a common frustration we see at Connected, whether it results from facial capillaries or rosacea. Fortunately, facial redness can be treated. Our Toronto Lumecca IPL helps to fade broken capillaries and redness and shrinks veins around the nose to restore a more even skin tone.

When redness is caused by rosacea, working with one of our Naturopathic Doctors and supporting gut healing can provide additional healing. So what are broken capillaries, why do they show up on the face, where else can they appear, and what are the best treatment options for facial capillaries?

What are facial capillaries?

Capillaries that become visible at the surface of the skin are often referred to as “broken capillaries.” They most commonly appear on the sides of the nose, cheek or chin but can also show up on the neck and chest or other areas of the body.

This capillaries aren’t actually “broken” but become visible due to collagen and elastin weakness in the dermis and capillary walls. Sun exposure is the primary cause of this damage so those areas that get a lot of sun exposure are at an increased risk of developing visible capillaries and redness. In men, superficial capillaries and redness tend to be on nose, cheeks and chin. Whereas, in women, they often extend down the neck and chest. Other signs of sun damage like surface pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and other changes to skin texture, typically accompany superficial capillaries.

Risk factors for superficial capillaries on the face:

  • Light complexion that is susceptible to sunburns
  • Exposure to the sun without SPF protection
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Rosacea, as well as causing diffuse redness and flushing, can progress to dilated capillaries
  • Skin trauma (ie. abrasion, picking, etc)

Treatment options for broken capillaries

The treatment options for facial capillaries include IPL/Lumecca, laser and injections. Lumecca IPL is our preferred treatment option because it can be used to effectively treat capillaries on the neck, decolletage and face as well as other areas of the body. IPL is an effective treatment for diffuse redness, rosacea and isolated capillaries up to 2 mm in diameter.

We prefer IPL over laser for capillaries on the face, neck and chest because it also treats other signs of sun damage. Because IPL uses a broad spectrum of visible light it targets the red/blue vessels, brown pigment and water in the skin to address many signs of sun damage all at once. IPL not only addresses diffuse redness and facial capillaries but it also helps with pigmentation and can improve skin quality.

Toronto Lumecca IPL for broken capillaries around the nose and chin

Capillaries around the nose area (also called spider veins) often coincide with chin vessels. As a result, the nose veins appear as faint lines or a web or star like pattern giving the nose a diffuse red appearance. IPL can help to treat all those unwanted vessels effectively.

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