6 Causes of Skin Disorders

6 Causes of Skin Disorders 

That We Can Counter

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When it comes to skin health there are some very obvious and big causes at the root of many serious issues, such as genetics, hyper-pigmentation, and ageing factors. However there are also a number of common everyday skin disorder causes that can greatly impact the health of our largest organ. And fortunately, being aware of these common causes means we can better care for our skin on a daily basis.



This is a toxic chemical that interferes with cellular respiration and your oxygen intake. It slows down circulation and makes it harder for cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients. It additionally destroys vitamin C, which is required by the body to help form collagen fibres. Smoking also makes skin appear dull and lifeless, literally starving the skin of oxygen.



This is a toxin that deprives the body of essential nutrients and weakens capillary walls causing dilation, flushing, and in some cases, rosacea. Alcohol also impairs the function of many other of our body’s systems.



This is a toxin that interferes with digestion and absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Caffeine causes dehydration of the cells; drying out the skin, making it look depleted and lacklustre.



Chronic, relentless stress can cause sluggish circulation, because the blood and lymph fail to circulate properly. It causes facial muscles to tighten, disturbs sleep patterns and triggers skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis.



These can cause the skin to dehydrate, causing things such as irregular pigmentation, skin sensitivity and swelling of skin tissue. For instance, aspirin depletes the skin of vitamin C. Now we're not saying avoid your medication -- but being aware of the effects certain drugs can have on the skin means we can counter those effects to help maintain skin health.



When properly assessing the skin disorder causes, it is important to assess all contributing factors to create an appropriate treatment plan.

Strong alcohols and astringent products can dehydrate the skin, disrupting the acid mantle and causing premature ageing. So be sure you're using safe, sustainable and scientifically sound skincare products.

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