Felicia Blackmore – Aesthetician/Holistic Skin Therapist

Felicia Blackmore

Holistic Skin Therapist


Areas of expertise

  • Acne
  • Prejuvenation/Rejuvenation

With her expertise in natural acne treatment, prejuvenation, and rejuvenation, Felicia is your go-to guide for achieving radiant and healthy skin.

Felicia is passionate about unlocking the true potential of her clients’ skin. She believes in a holistic approach that goes beyond external beauty, nurturing the mind, body, and soul. By harmonizing inner well-being with outer radiance, Felicia helps her clients achieve a complete sense of balance and self-confidence.

As an expert in acne treatment, Felicia is dedicated to conquering those stubborn breakouts. She has honed her skills in understanding acne triggers and tailoring personalized skincare rituals. Felicia works her magic with luxurious facials and innovative techniques to revitalize her clients’ skin, restore their vibrancy and boost their confidence. The journey with Felicia is transformative, unveiling the best version of each client.

Felicia is dedicated to guiding you through your skin journey with care and expertise.

Fun Facts

Yoga, working out, petting random dogs

Soup or popcorn with M&Ms

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