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why Massage Therapy?

Connected’s Toronto Registered Massage Therapists provide individual care to relieve pain, ease tension, and restore fluidity to your body.

Massage Therapy is the practice of soft tissue manipulation that affects the body both physically and psychologically. Physically, treatments address fascial restrictions, adhesions, vascular and lymphatic systems as well the neurological system while relieving pain and tension. Psychologically the effects include increased well-being and assist in relieving stress.

Physical injury and stress are held in the body through imbalances. Patterns of muscle tension, trigger points, and contractures pull on the fascial web requiring the body to shift and compensate. Our goal is not to treat only the symptom, but also the underlying cause of pain, tension or injury.

Whether it’s for relaxation or rehabilitation, our experienced RMTs will customize each treatment with your needs and goals in mind.

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