High Frequency Treatment

High Frequency


High Frequency

What is the High Frequency Treatment?

High frequency (HF) is a treatment modality that uses a glass electrode filled with gas that, when attached to an electrode, send currents to help oxygenate the skin. Know what bacteria hates….oxygen! Oxygen kills the pimple-inducing bacteria on contact, minimizes inflammation and redness, and even reduces future breakouts. Say good-bye to those persistent cystic breakouts!

Who Is This Treatment ideal For?

This treatment it's a great option for:

  • Inflamed acne
  • Hormonal acne
  • Pustular acne
  • Breakouts

If you have more questions about this treatment feel free to connect with one of our Holistic Skin Therapists for a complimentary virtual discovery consult.

Brands primarily used in treatments

Pricing & Booking

High Frequency Treatment

This treatment is 30 minutes and includes a basic cleanse of the face before administering high frequency and the application of moisturizer and SPF post treatment.

Package of 6
High Frequency Treatments

***packages are not bookable items, they are billed upon your request post first treatment.

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